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Find your hottest leads by setting up lead scoring in Infusionsoft

I bet when you signed up for Infusionsoft you were told you could segment your list and see exactly WHO your most engaged contacts are? To identify who your hot leads are so you can increase your sales and convert leads into customers?

“Wow, that sounds amazing! That’s EXACTLY what I want!”

So you got Infusionsoft and was let loose to explore it all…


Where do you start? Where was that neat feature that told you who your hot/engaged/dream-come-true leads are? What was it called… lead scoring? Where’s that?

If you’re a little baffled about lead scoring and aren’t sure what exactly it is, how to set it up or what it even looks like, then read on…


Before we get stuck in, I want you to make the most out of lead scoring in Infusionsoft. To ensure that happens you need to have a solid system/process/pipeline in place to know what MAKES a hot lead for your business – and also what you’ll DO with your hot leads. If you don’t know this information then I suggest you tackle that hurdle first and then pop back here when you know what the goals are for your leads to turn into customers.

Right, let’s dig in!

What is lead scoring in Infusionsoft?

lead scoring in Infusionsoft example

To measure who your most engaged contacts (who are more likely to buy from you) are in your list, Infusionsoft has a feature called lead scoring, and when you’ve successfully got lead scoring set up in your app Infusionsoft will put a flame score next to your contacts’ names to indicate how “hot” they are. A contact can have a maximum of 5 flames.

NB: Infusionsoft doesn’t automatically have lead scoring set up (in an effective way). We need to manually tell the system EXACTLY what makes a contact a hot lead to your business.

How does lead scoring work?

Lead scoring is essentially a points system based on the activity of your contacts. You can set how many points equal 5 flames.

Personally, I like to keep the scoring simple and I set it so 10 points equals 5 flames. This means for a contact to gain a flame they need to gain two points.

Infusionsoft can automatically increase and decrease the contacts’ lead score (amount of flames they have) depending on when a contact has:

  • Clicked a link
  • Opened an email
  • Submitted one of your web forms
  • Unsubscribed
  • A particular tag applied

Each criteria above can have points associated with it when you create the rule. You can also add an optional expiry date for those points.

See the example below:

Lead scoring rules in Infusionsoft

Here we can see that one of the rules for lead scoring in this app is “If a contact opens an email then apply 2 points“. This activity then attributes the points to the contact, and the flame score will change.

However, we can also see that it’s got an expiration of 3 weeks. This means that 3 weeks after the specified action, those 2 points will be removed from the contact record. Their flame score will update to reflect that.

How to create lead score rules

Now that we understand how it works, how do we go about setting it up?

Under CRM > Settings go to Scores from the menu on the left-hand side and then give it a moment to load the default rules that are pre-made. If you haven’t explored this area of your app before, then it will probably look something like below:

Default lead scoring settings in Infusionsoft

These are the pre-made rules that Infusionsoft has as a default. I usually do away with these three rules and start with a clean slate. To delete a rule hover over it with your mouse and to the right side of the “Expiration date” there will be a – and + button. Press the – button to delete the row and press the + button to add a new rule.

Two things that you need to remember when creating your rules:

  1. It doesn’t matter what order your rules are in.
  2. Keep your rules simple – try not to overcomplicate these.

Explore your options and create the rules to fit your business, as there’s no “one-size-fits-all” example here.

NB: If you use the activities such as “Clicked a link” or “Submitted a form” then that means ANY link clicked or ANY form submitted can attribute points. You cannot specify which link or form attributes more points.

TOP TIP: If you want to apply extra points to a specific link or form submission then use tags. Apply a specific tag when someone clicks a link in an email and then use that tag as the criteria for your rule. The same can be done for a web form submission.

How to find your hottest leads

We’ve understood exactly what lead scoring is, how it works and how to set it up – now how do we FIND these engaged contacts?!

Under CRM > Contacts create a new search and use the Lead Score function in the search. The search criteria is very flexible, allowing you to find you most and least engaged contacts.

Lead Score search in Infusionsoft

When your results show your specified contacts you can do a number of things, such as exporting the data into a .csv download or applying a tag to all the contacts which can trigger a sales campaign that you previously prepared.

If you need any further help with this then please get in touch, however I hope this guide helped you understand exactly how lead scoring works in Infusionsoft.

6 Really Helpful Infusionsoft Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’ve had Infusionsoft for any length of time, it’s likely you might have found your way around quite easily…

Or you have it and you might be very stuck!  This is quite common and not unusual at all.  I hear it all the time – especially from people who are not so tech minded.

On the other hand, having used it for a while – we’ve kinda got to know our way around it – a lot!

And although we’re constantly learning new stuff, we have also discovered a few tips and shortcuts along the way which may well help you.

Shortcut #1  Update the links in your campaign emails in one go

When you have spent so much time building out your campaign to a level of perfection, it can be a real big headache when you decide that you need to change the links in a few sequences of emails. It’s a painstakingly slow process, opening up each email and changing the links manually!

This is where Campaign Links shine. The feature is a little bit of an unsung hero and can easily be left under the radar if you didn’t know about it. Campaign Links allow you to change all the links at once – BUT you need to use/set them up when you first build your emails.

You can find Campaign Links in the drop-down that appears when you click “Actions” from the top right corner of the campaign builder. You can create your link(s) in the pop-up box that appears and save them. Now that you have saved your campaign links, when you build your emails instead of using your usual URL link type, choose Campaign Links and then select your link from the drop-down.

This way, when you decide you need to change your links you only have to go to one place – where you created your campaign links. Change them here, and all the emails with that campaign link will automatically update. Magic!

Shortcut #2 Don’t lose your decision diamonds ever again

Have you ever set up a complicated decision diamond in a campaign and then needed to change the goal that’s achieved to action it? Most of us would delete the goal, which deletes the decision diamond, and will rebuild the diamond again with the new goal – what a time-hog!

There is a not-so-popular little trick that Infusionsoft has which not many people know about to help us get around this.

You can CONVERT your goal instead. Yep, convert it. Instead of deleting the goal, right click it and click “Convert to” which will show a drop-down of the available goals you can convert it to. Select your new goal and voila! Decision diamond is intact!

One thing to take note of is if your decision diamond has rules based on the contacts form submission and you’re changing the goal from a web form to anything else then the rules will become invalid and will need revising.

Shortcut #3 How to quickly add & trigger a contact

Picture this: your sales rep or receptionist gets a phonecall with a new enquiry and they need to add the prospects details into Infusionsoft and trigger that new prospect into a nurture campaign. To make this as easy as possible for the sales rep, we need reduce the number of clicks needed to make all this happen.

This is where Internal Forms get a new spotlight to shine in. Build an internal form in a campaign with all the relevant fields your rep will need to complete when they usually add a new contact. Build whatever else you need to as the follow-up from the internal form goal (e.g, applying a trigger tag for nurture campaign) and publish.

Then go to “Settings” under “CRM” and on the General tab scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the Quick-Add Forms select your new form, and if you like you can also make it the default form when quickly adding a contact. Click Save.

Now we can add our contact.

At the top right corner of the Infusionsoft search function, click the big blue plus. Your sales rep will see now that we have a drop-down available to us which allows us to select which form we complete. If your sales rep selects the new internal form to complete then they will be adding a new contact AND triggering a campaign in one go. It’s efficient and it’s easy, with minimal room for human error.

Shortcut #4 Cloning your campaign content

When you’ve spent a good chunk of your time building a sequence to perfection and need another identical one, the last thing you want to be doing is recreating it element by element. The good news is that you can clone it.

There are two different levels of cloning. To clone elements/sequences within the same campaign, then left click and drag over the selection of elements you’d like to clone, hold down the Ctrl key and then drag your selection into an empty space in your builder. Release the mouse and the Ctrl key and your elements will be pasted there!

The second level of cloning is if you’re wanting to clone an entire sequence from one campaign into another. This saves so much time going back and forth between the campaigns checking you’re copying it correctly! In your new campaign, drag a new sequence onto the board and open it up.

In the top right corner next to the Draft toggle, click “Actions” and from the drop-down select “Copy from Campaign”. In the pop-up that appears, select the campaign you’d like to copy a sequence from, then select that sequence.

TOP TIP: This is one of the top reasons that we ALWAYS suggest you name each sequence individually, referring to the campaign name and what the sequence achieves.

Shortcut #5 Change the default style for your web forms

Sick and tired of constantly styling your web forms how you want them to look? Then let me introduce you to the Branding Center, my friend.

This area of Infusionsoft has become a little redundant as the years have gone by, especially with the launch of the new email builder. However, it doesn’t make it any less useful. Under ADMIN go to “Branding Center” and you’ll be greeted with the default templates for emails, web forms, landing pages and order form thank you’s.

Edit whichever web form template that you need to edit to look how you want it to. Now whenever you drag a new web form goal into the campaign builder you won’t have to spend a lot of time playing with styles.

The Logos tab also allows you to update your logo across the board for your Infusionsoft app.

Shortcut #6  Have a Naming System for your Tags

If you were to look at your list of tags (CRM > Settings > Tags) would you be able to tell me exactly what campaign each tag is used in? What the tag ACTUALLY does? Do you know if it will trigger an email if it’s applied, or if the tag was applied from a campaign or broadcast? If your answer is no, then let me help you.

When you’re “in the moment” creating the tag (in the campaign builder for example) then it’s easy to think “Yep, I’ll remember what this tag means”. It’s so easy to be complacent with tag names when you’re creating them on the go. You don’t want to spend too much time thinking about what it should be called, you just know you need a tag!

But when in you’re looking at the tag name “Clicked link to read post” and you have NO idea which link they clicked in which email, in which campaign, OR even which post! You just have data with this tag that you don’t know what to do with. What a mess!

I appreciate that having to think about tag names isn’t on your priority list when you’re working hard on launching your new campaign, which is why we use a Tag Naming System. By having a naming system in place, thinking of descriptive, appropriate names for your tags becomes second nature.

Many Infusionsoft users (and partners!) have their own tag naming system and I am no different. It would be such a shame and a waste to collect this data about my contacts without being able to do anything with it; it would be even worse if you apply a tag and unbeknownst to you, an automated email is triggered from a campaign you built eons ago! Not ideal!

Get our Tag Naming System NOW

Have a ready-made formula for naming your tags so you'll never have tag-confusion again!

Great, we're sending you an email with your new Tag Naming System right now. Please give it a few minutes to land in your Inbox, if you don't see it there don't forget o check your Junk or Spam!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to name your tags correctly. Spending an extra 5 seconds naming your tag appropriately will save you HOURS of time in the future.

If you’re stuck on how to even begin working your head around creating a naming system then don’t panic! I have attached our very own Tag Naming System guide (which we use ourselves) for you to download and implement NOW!

Integrating Infusionsoft with Webinar software

Leveraging Webinars still continues to be one of the quickest and best ways to grow sales on the internet today, and is a popular and valuable way of promoting your products and services, specifically when you’re targeting your ideal audience.

Live webinars are always the best to start out with so you know which subject works best with your audience.  Once  you’ve mastered the live webinar, and you have the right content that gives value to your audience, then you can put it on an autopilot evergreen status to run as often as you want.

And there are certain proven ways for how to maximise sales from your webinar, by nurturing them prior to the actual webinar to real-time following up with them afterwards.

Tracking each participant as they travel through your funnel is best done using tags.  Tagging people at each check point they reach, then nurturing them depending on how far they’ve gone through your funnel can be highly effective and result in much higher sales.

First though, lets talk about the most popular webinar software to use and why.

GoTo Webinar.  – best for LIVE webinars

This still remains popular and probably the best webinar software to use for LIVE webinars. People are familiar with the set up, the format, downloading Citrix and then joining the webinar.  It’s familiar and comfortable,  however, it is still one of the most expensive.

To integrate GoTo Webinar with Infusionsoft can be done in a couple of ways, one way is to use Zapier. Before the connection is made, you must schedule a Webinar, then connect your scheduled webinar with Infusionsoft inside Zapier.

If, however, you’re more of a “techhie”, and like to push infusionsoft a bit further, then I’d thoroughly recommend investing in MyFusionHelper, which is a neat little app that allows you to create “helpers” to achieve some really simple connections.

Costwise, this is probably the most expensive option, but you do get 30 days free to try it first.

Stealth Webinar – popular for Evergreen Webinars

Stealth, in my opinion remains the best software to use for Evergreen Webinars. Stealth are incredibly helpful and have great support – to the point where if you ask them to, they will create your webinar infusionsoft campaign for you.  That being said I recommend you create your own campaign.

Stealth still also offer live webinars.  They do this using YouTube, but be aware there is a 6-10 second delay between you broadcasting and what the participants hear.  Stealth will record your live broadcast so that you can use it for future use should you wish to.

To integrate Infusionsoft with Stealth is done via your webform in the Campaign builder.  Using the hidden fields option, it allows you to track the time and date each prospect views your webinar, and you can integrate these in the email sequences in the build up to the webinar (see below).

When you create your optin webform within infusionsoft, a couple of things to note:

  1. Make sure you PUBLISH your webform first.  Any changes to the webform need to be made BEFORE you do any integrations.
  2. Once you’ve published your webform (with any tags you wish to add), copy the “Unstyled” HTML code from the form and send it to Stealth via a support ticket.  They will then make sure that any optins enter straight into your webinar campaign.

3.  If you’re creating an optin landing page in Clickfunnels, by sending Stealth the URL they will mirror this page in their software. So effectively the page you have created in Clickfunnels will not be optin page, Stealth will give you a brand new URL to promote, normally along the lines of

This is how infusionsoft is integrated into Stealth.

Costwise, on the surface it’s quite reasonable, however to integrate with Infusionsoft brings an additional monthly cost to over $100 per month making this almost on a par with Go To Webinar

Ever Webinar – good for Evergreen Webinars.

EverWebinar is similar to Stealth in that you have two ways to integrate it with Infusionsoft. Evergreen offer a number of steps to follow to set up your evergreen webinar, and at each step it will advise you what to do next.  When it comes to integration with infusionsoft you can do it the Simple way – by taking the unstyled HTML of your webform (in your campaign) and pasting it into the system (again, remember to PUBLISH it first).

Or, you can integrate using the Advanced Method, which will integrate via API.  This involves copying and pasting your Infusionsoft API credentials, then choosing which campaign you wish to integrate.  Using the API integration does give you a bit more flexibility, but again always make sure you have published your campaign first.

If you’re doing a live webinar, then Ever Webinar “sister”, Webinar Jam would be the best tool to use for live.

Costwise, a fixed annual cost of $497

Clickfunnels – for Evergreen Webinars

Clickfunnels is a great tool for building out funnels and landing pages for optins. On the webinar side, it’s a little trickier.

There are specific Funnel Templates for setting up webinars which are great, and I’d even recommend using the SMS option to send Text reminders (although you’ll need to set up an account with Twilio to do this).

Each step of the funnel is pretty straight forward and walks you through what to do next, however I do feel a bit limited as you don’t have the flexibility to integrate your webinar with Infusionsoft.  The emails come from Clickfunnels themselves, and because they are not an email software you are limited to sending 4 emails (reminders and follow up) about your webinar.

The way around it is to use their system then export the names/emails into your infusionsoft afterwards, however this won’t give you the vital information you need (ie tagging) to check your prospects and see how they far they’ve travelled through your funnel.

To send more automated emails via Clickfunnels you need to set up accounts with either Mailgun, Sendgrid, or AmazonSES. This will require changes to your DNS for your domain, so think carefully before making any changes to this.

Costwise, I recommend trying Clickfunnels on a free 14 day trial. Afterwards it’s a fixed monthly cost of $97

Zoom – great for Live Group Workshops and Live Webinars

Zoom I would say is now becoming one of the most popular tools for creating webinars and workshops. It really is a terrific tool to use to share value with your audience.

I was on a webinar workshop with Zoom only last week and not only was it great to be able to see the presenter, it was also great to see everyone else in the workshop.

From a presenting point of view the flexibility is seamless.

And to integrate with Infusionsoft is all done via the API key and then setting up a custom field for the Webinar Link. The webinar link (custom field will be used in the emails you send out). They have clear instructions on how to do this once you setup your account.

Costwise, very reasonable and scaleable depending on the size of your audience.

Obviously, there are a number of other different webinar softwares available, however these have become the most mainstream.

Do you use webinars in your marketing?  Please share in the comments below what your thoughts are?

How to create a Lead Magnet campaign in Infusionsoft

Are you struggling to successfully build your Lead Magnet campaign?

You’re not alone.

A Lead Magnet campaign is absolutely necessary for any business that wants to grow their mailing list. In fact it’s the lifeblood for building your online business ;).

Here’s a quick list of what you have to gain from a Lead Magnet campaign:

  • Proven authority within your niche industry
  • A growing mailing list
  • An online presence
  • Maximizing the number of your targeted leads

Pretty awesome stuff, right?

It’s a campaign that is an integral part of Lifecycle Marketing’s “ATTRACT” Phase. If you haven’t got one set up in your app yet, I’m going to walk you through building it right here.


Let’s cover some basic details first…

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an offering, an irresistible bribe which contains specific value to your prospect, leveraging an exchange of their first name and email address.

The file itself must be of great value to your audience. It doesn’t need to be long or complicated; it just needs to solve a specific problem with a specific solution. Your Lead Magnet must be consumed by your prospect for it to have any impact and the perfect lead magnet will offer immense value within minutes of your prospect opting in.

Typical forms of a Lead Magnet include:

  • Cheat Sheet
  • Resource List
  • A Guide/Report
  • Free Trial (usually with software-based companies)
  • Video Training
  • A Quiz/Survey
  • An Assessment
  • Online Discount code
  • Marketing Material (e.g a catalog)

NB: Remember, whatever form your Lead Magnet takes, it must be free and it must be specific to your audience and answer one specific question they have.

Now that we’ve covered what a Lead Magnet is, let’s dig straight into building the campaign in your Infusionsoft…

How to build the Lead Magnet campaign in Infusionsoft

I promise you, it’s an easy one.

And to make it even easier for you, I’ve made a checklist that you can tick off each item as you build the campaign.

Here are the written instructions for your reference

Feel free to save them somewhere or bookmark this page:

  1. Log into your app, hover over the Infusionsoft logo and on the menu drop-down select Campaign Builder
  2. Create a new campaign
  3. Drag a Web Form goal (Landing Page goal if you’re not hosting the form on your site) onto the board and name appropriately
  4. Double click the goal to open up the configuration. When you’ve finished configuring the form and its settings change the status in the top right corner from Draft to Ready, and click the breadcrumb trail in the top left corner to go back to the campaign
  5. Drag a sequence onto the campaign board to the right of the Web Form goal. Don’t forget to connect the two by hovering over the Web Form goal and dragging the green arrow that appears to the sequence
  6. Rename the sequence appropriately for your reference
  7. Double click the sequence to open it up
  8. Drag a tag element onto the sequence board and apply the tag you wish to use to help you segment your leads
  9. Drag an email element onto the sequence board (remember to name it) and double click to open up the email interface
  10. Pick a template to use and then enter a subject line and your email copy – not forgetting the link to download your Lead Magnet! Here’s a nifty guide if you’re stuck on this bit
  11. In the top right corner change the email status from Draft to Ready and click the breadcrumb trail in top left corner to go back to the sequence
  12. Make the sequence ready by changing it from Draft to Ready in the top right corner and then click the breadcrumb trail in top left to go back to the overall campaign
  13. BEST PRACTISES: Drag on the Email Confirmation sequence and configure the email pre-built within, ensuring you change the status from Draft to Ready when you’re happy
  14. Now you’re finished building, click the Publish button in top right corner of the builder. Infusionsoft runs a checklist for you and will tell you if there are any obvious errors. Confirm and publish when you’re happy
  15. Grab the code from the web form and paste it onto your website
  16. TEST THE CAMPAIGN. Enter your details in the form yourself and put yourself through the campaign. When you’re happy, it’s all set!

Finally, if you still have questions then please comment with them at the bottom of this post.

To help you further, I’ve created a simple checklist for you so you can be sure you don’t miss a single step whilst building your Lead Magnet campaign with our Lead Gen checklist – DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

I’ve added a BONUS Testing checklist in addition to the Component checklist, so you can be sure you’ve tested every element of the campaign and be confident in your masterpiece campaign when you go live!

How to attach a file to an email in Infusionsoft

It’s easy enough to attach a file to an email when you’re using Gmail or Outlook, but how the hell do you do it in Infusionsoft, and why would you? I’m going to cover everything you need to know right here in this post.

Why/When would I want to attach a file?

The Attract phase of Lifecycle Marketing primarily involves collecting leads for your business, whilst simultaneously growing your mailing list.

Attract phase - attach a fileTo help you do this, you need to have something (an e-book/checklist/cheat sheet/file etc) that you can leverage for their email address. We want to deliver this file to them immediately after they’ve completed the web form on your website – this is to help build and maintain your reputation of following through on your promise, and also satisfy their itch for immediate information, stopping them from getting the information they want elsewhere.

Another scenario you might encounter is if you wish to send out a physical voucher for your contacts to use/print instead of a generic discount code. It’s a more personal approach in this digital age which could help you stand out that little bit more above your competitors.

How do I attach a file?

I recorded the video below especially for you, so you can see exactly where and how I do it.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Hover over the house icon in the grey bar at the top of your application, and in the drop-down menu click “Files”.
  2. Click “Browse” and in the pop-up select the file you want you upload (i.e. your free download). Once you’ve selected your file click “Upload”.
  3. Right click on the documents’ “Download” link and select “Copy Link Location”.
  4. Go to where you’re building your email to send this file with – either in the Broadcast or Campaign builder.
  5. Highlight the text you want to make the downloadable link, click the hyperlink icon at the top of email builder and paste the link location and save.
  6. Alternatively, drag a Button widget into the email builder and configure the button link and text.
  7. Test the email. Send yourself a test email and check the link works for you
  8. Once you’ve checked the test email, you’re good to go!

NB: You can’t upload files bigger than 10MB.

One thing that I didn’t cover in the video was the different tabs that you see on the Files page.

My Files tab

If you upload a file in the My Files tab (like I did in my video above) then only you can see that file. My Files are protected and are only accessible to the user who uploaded the file. These files can be used/attached to outgoing emails but only by the user who uploaded them. These files aren’t accessible to your contacts unless you send them an email attachment/link.

Company Files tab

To make your files accessible to all of your Infusionsoft users, upload the files on the Company Files tab. This is the tab you’ll want to store all sorts of files such as templates, price lists, internal information etc. Think of this as the company file box. Again, these files aren’t accessible to your contacts unless you send them out as an email attachment.

Company Images tab

Files in this tab are also accessible to all of your Infusionsoft users. This tab shows all the images you’ve uploaded to Infusionsoft whilst building an email, thank-you page, web form, shopping cart, order form etc.

Digital Products tab

If you have E-Commerce as part of your Infusionsoft package then you’ll see this option. The files uploaded to this tab are accessible based on the restrictions you defined when you set them up. You usually don’t manage your Digital Products here (instead you go to E-Commerce > Products) but you can view and manage them from here if your user permissions allow.

I hope this has helped solve your question. If you have any other questions about this please comment below, I’m more than happy to help you out!


What is Lifecycle Marketing?

Lifecycle Marketing is a framework that was created by Infusionsoft and is designed to help you attract customers, grow sales and deliver an experience that wows your customers. It’s a foolproof method which (when used correctly) guarantees to leave your whole sales process utterly flawless.

Customer service and satisfaction is absolutely everything in modern marketing. Big brands realised a long time ago that wowing your customers again and again after they’ve purchased is what creates brand loyalty. With software like Infusionsoft, it’s a piece of cake for small businesses to do the same – it also means you have no excuse for poor customer retention.

It’s time to fix your follow-up problems by developing your company’s Lifecycle Marketing. Let’s get stuck in!

Components of Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing - ATTRACT PhasePhase 1 – ATTRACT

Target. Know exactly who your target audience are.

Attract Interest. Focus on their pain points – the pain points you fix. Most consumers won’t be looking for your name or your brand, they are more likely looking for a solution to satisfy the needs that they have so will discover you by accident or by the great website you have.

Collect Leads.  Have a lead magnet on your website. This is usually in the form of a free download/file/ebook which prospects exchange for their name and email. With Infusionsoft you can build a whole campaign that tags, segments and delivers the free offering right to your prospects inbox.

Lifecycle Marketing - SELL PhasePhase 2 – SELL

Educate.  Consumers pay attention to brands when motivated to do so. The best way to earn their attention is through exceptional interactions and valuable education. To create valuable educational materials, you need to understand the needs and wants of your target consumers, outlined in the Attract phase.

Offer.  When you understand your target customer’s buying process, you can identify the optimal time for a special offer. By observing past customers’ actions, you’ll be able to create a buying process funnel. Then you can match your sales process to their buying process.

Close.  Closing the sale involves more than just an exchange of money or signed documents. Regardless of your business type, the close is the signal that the deal has been negotiated and you can now begin the process of delivery. Everything about this part of the process should be easy and headache free for your new customer.

Lifecycle Marketing - WOW PhasePhase 3 – Deliver and WOW

Wowing your customers is about providing more than what you promised and creating a delightful experience. While this may seem simple and obvious, the hustle and bustle of daily work causes customer delights to often get overlooked.

Deliver.  Deliver what you promised and deliver on time. When you deliver, be sure to add some additional value that will surprise and delight your customers.

Offer More. After providing an exceptional experience, you are in a fantastic position to offer additional products or services to your customers. Determining what to offer and when to offer it involves a bit of strategy. We should now be able to segment customers with their behaviour and purchase history. With this information, you can tactfully put contacts into relevant upsell campaigns.

Get Referrals.  You’ll spend less money marketing to existing customers than attracting new ones. This is why it’s so important to wow customers from the start. Keep your existing customers happy by drip-feeding them useful content with a simple evergreen campaign.

It’s important to anticipate their needs and deliver more than what you promised in either quality or quantity. Or, try recommending something new that satisfies their needs. Leverage your strengths, because that’s what will set you apart from your competition.

Lifecycle Marketing altogether

Lifecycle Marketing isn’t a quick marketing hack that you can implement in a few hours. It’s a framework that helps you shape your business to be more orientated and focused on your audience; you want to be constantly wowing your contacts (whether they’re existing customers or unsure prospects) so that when they find a pain point in their life/business, your company is who they immediately think of or recommend.

The 3 Keys to Creating a Customer Referral Program that Works

There is one question that we ask almost every customer: “Where does the majority of your business come from?” The answer is consistently: “From word of mouth and referrals.” Of course it is, that is the easiest way to get business, sitting back and doing nothing except being a rock star at what you do and letting your results speak for itself. What’s great about this is that it doesn’t require doing any difficult marketing, SEO, pay per click, or re-vamping the website. All you need to do is sit back and hope your customers tell their friends about you and sit back and watch the referrals come in. Right?

So my next question to prospects would be: “OK, so what are you doing to actively stoke the flames to the fire and get more referrals and more repeat business?” The answer is typically: “Nothing.” I’m always shocked by this, however it does lead to a great discussion on how to improve effectiveness in this area. If you want to hit your target of more customer referrals and upsells, you need to A.I.M.


1. Ask

The first and most obvious step is to ask. Most business owners ask some of their customers for referrals once or maybe twice. They don’t want to make it awkward after winning the business. There is power in asking. When you ask, you speak energy into existence because it requires action.

I remember when I bought a home here in Arizona three years ago, I worked with a great real estate agent who was awesome. I couldn’t tell you his name, because I never heard from him again, but boy was he great at the time. Here’s the problem: Soon after we bought a home, I convinced my parents to move to Arizona so they started looking for a home. They asked if I knew any good real estate agents and I said yes, I do have a guy… what’s his name again? What was his number? I told my parents I would dig it up and get back to them. I never did. They found another real estate agent and bought a beautiful big home. Fast forward a few months and my brother decided to come to Arizona for physical therapy school and wanted to look at homes. He asked me if I knew a good real estate agent. Same story, I couldn’t remember my guy and meant to pass along his info but couldn’t find it and it wasn’t top of mind. So my brother got his own agent that he worked with and bought a home. The moral of the story is that if my real estate agent had followed up with me and asked for referrals occasionally, I would have given them. He would have sold two more homes. It never hurts to ask.

2. Incentivise

What is your cost of acquiring a new customer through traditional methods? Do you pay sales reps to make calls and run appointments?  Do you pay for SEO and website optimization that drives traffic and leads? Do you advertise or sponsor events to get leads?  When you add all of that up and apply it to your actual cost of acquiring a new customer you might be shocked just how much you spend to get revenue. So why on earth wouldn’t you give a small incentive for customers to prompt more referrals? It costs you much less for customer referrals than all other lead sources, so don’t be stingy—be intentional.

I’ve seen a lot of things work really well over the years:

  • £25 gift card for closed deals
  • Each referral gets a ticket for a drawing to win an iPad
  • Contents for whoever refers the most in a given month wins £1,000
  • Refer a friend and receive 10 percent off your monthly membership
  • Tickets to sporting events
  • Saying thank you for a referral that closes with a gift basket

And the list goes on and on. Get creative, have fun with it. Reward them. It’s a very small price to pay overall compared to the other things you do to acquire new business. The problem with most referral incentive programs is that nobody knows about it. This is where marketing automation comes in very handy to follow up with customers automatically and make them aware of your incentive program whenever possible.

3. Make it easy

A couple months ago I consulted with an HVAC business that was trying to figure out how to get more referrals. He would ask for referrals, he had a way to incentivise customers, but when I looked at how a customer would submit a referral, it was a mess. They had to fill out a web form that was as tedious as the day is long. Then, the majority of the time it went into a black hole and he never saw the referral anyway. We worked with him to create an automated funnel for capturing customer referrals that were based on customer surveys that went out after the sale. There was a question in there that stated “Would you be willing to refer others?” If they answered yes to that question in the survey, an automated email would go out two weeks later to let them know about the customer referral program. Then, a few days later an email would go out that asked them for anyone they could think of that they might refer. All the customer had to do, was click on a link on the email, fill out a very brief form of first name, e-mail, and phone number, and BAM! Problem solved. The referrals came pouring in from that time forward.

Another great idea that I have seen from savvy business owners is making the referral process easy by putting up a link at the top of your website that says: “Refer a Friend.” That link will direct to a landing page where they can enter the quick info for their friend. Marketing automation can then send an email to the customer thanking them for their referral and ensuring that there is an easy place for your customers to go whenever they have someone to refer. This is also great because you may have prospects who aren’t a good fit for what you do, but they have someone in mind who they could refer over to you. This gives them an easy way to do that.

Getting customer referrals is easy when you are good at what you do. Creating a great customer referral funnel is not as difficult as it might seem. No matter how good or bad you think it’s going with your customer referrals, it’s never too late to fix it—just remember to A.I.M. at your target.

Don’t Get Stuck, Get Started with Infusionsoft – 5 Simple Steps

So I get it. There are many of you small business owners that have the Infusionsoft software and are either not using it because you don’t know how or you’re only using around 10% of it.  A common message I’m getting from many users. Well it doesn’t have to be so complicated – it’s more about changing the way you think. By doing this you’ll get to learn that Infusionsoft will become not only your best friend but will be your right arm in your plans to develop your business for the future.

Infusionsoft embraces the new way of marketing by segmenting your list and targeting specific prospects for specific products and services that you offer.  This can be alien to some people who still believe that advertising to everyone and sending them the same message still works.

Well the internet has allowed us to market to specific prospects – and THAT is the biggest problem small businesses have. Learning how to think and market differently on the internet.

So before I get going and explain in detail how to make the most out of the software, I just wanted to fill you in a little bit on WHY you should leverage this software (having just returned from Partnercon) and what it can REALLY do for your business:


Partnercon is the Annual conference held by Infusionsoft for all the Certified Partners at their headquarters in Pheonix Arizona. Although it was my first time, I was not disappointed. The networking, the presentations, the shared knowledge was fantastic.

And to meet many of the other Partners and share their knowledge and experience was cool too.

Fortune 500

Infusionsoft is going places – there is no doubt about that and there was a clear resounding message across the whole of the conference with Clate Mask’s clear BHAG ambition by 2030. They will be a Fortune 500 Company serving 5M Customers,  100,000 Partners worldwide (currently around 500), with 16K employees (currently around 700).  Pretty impressive and all very achievable. He has a great team in place now to drive this forward on both the product and sales side and I was privileged to see a sneak preview of what it all could look like – and users, you won’t be disappointed.

We should all accept the future of technology is cloud based. There will always be the sceptics amongst us who have fears and doubts but like all these things – you can fight it but it’s bigger than all of us and there will clearly only be one winner.

The software and what it can achieve is huge for small businesses.  It can double/treble/quadruple the sales for the business. The problem is that many businesses buy the dream without fully understanding how to implement it and so have problems, and get stuck on where to start.

So let’s dive in and I’ll show you where to start:

1. Your List – You should have one!

If you haven’t got a list (by list I mean list of customers/prospects for your business specifically with email addresses) then you don’t have a business.  You’re a brand new business/Start Up and I suggest you don’t start with Infusionsoft.

Hover over the master navigation > Admin > Import Data

That said, as you have Infusionsoft you may well be migrating your list from Mailchimp or Aweber or a similar email marketing tool in which case all of these have easy export options to export as a .csv or excel file.

This is your opportunity to clean up your list and I RECOMMEND you do this first before you import.  This is an opportunity to make sure you have an up to date list.  You will need to match the fields to the standard Infusionsoft fields which are:

First Name
Last Name
Email address
Job Title
Street Address 1
Street Address 2
Postal Code

Now if you’re based in the UK, these are the default labels, however you can easily change the labels to match your needs.   See below for how to do this.

Hover over the master navigation > Admin > Settings

Under Custom Fields, it will default to set up fields for Contact.  Click GO.

Get started with Infusionsoft


When you export your list, make sure that you separate out your list to match the list above or as close to it as possible because once you import it you will only be able to go in and change each one manually, so to have the opportunity to get it right is massively helpful.

NOTE:  If you have not emailed your list in at least 4 months your list will be throttled (temporarily put on hold). This is protection against Spam. The throttling mechanism will send to a portion of the list during a 16 hour throttling period. If the complaint level stays below the .1% rate (or 1 spam complaints out of 1000 for cold emails) during the throttle, the rest of the emails in the batch will be sent. Once the cold emails are sent, a full 24 hours is needed after the end time on the email for the list to be considered warm.

2. Branding – how and why you should do this

Hover over the master navigation > Admin > Branding Centre

This is where you can set up your email templates once, so that you’re not constantly having to update them each time you write out an email.  This will save you a heap of time.

Now as I write this – the good news is that the new drag and drop email builder is looking to be released in January 2016, with the emails within the campaign builder following a few months later. So a lot of what I explain here will be redundant in a few months, but in the meantime don’t let this stop you from setting out your branding.

Currently the emails are not mobile responsive (but will be very soon), so you’ll need to change the width of the template.

The most important template to change is the campaign email. This will appear every time you create a follow up sequence in the campaign builder. But please go ahead and update all the templates. Here’s some guidelines:

Click on Campaign Email > Edit

Now typically the width of a mobile device is around 350px wide, so set the width of your email template (using Layout & Style button) to around 350px wide.

Campaign Template

As this is a campaign email I also DON’T recommend you brand this with your logo. It’s easy to just chuck your logo at everything. Your subscribers don’t need to see that every time they open up an email from you. They just need to read your message.  That’s the most important thing.

Think about it – when you receive an email, you’ll read the content – you’re not bothered about the logo, right?

In fact I would suggest that the only email template you brand with your logo is the Email Confirmation.  This is when you’re initially broadcasting to your list and you’re asking them to opt-in so it would be good for them to know at that stage who you are.

Web Forms

I would leave this as is. Each time you create a web form in the campaign builder it will be different anyway.  Same for the Internal Forms too.

Landing Pages

Again, for now, I suggest you don’t use Infusionsoft landing pages.  I’d recommend using LeadPages, OptimisePress or Clickfunnels.  These are easier to build out and look much more professional.

Order Form Thank You Pages

If you’re selling a product within Infusionsoft, I recommend you think carefully too about the message you’re giving once someone has placed an order with you.  Create this message as you see fit on the Order Form Thank You Pages.

3. Your Dashboard – as you like it

When you log into Infusionsoft, you dashboard will immediately come up. I recommend customizing this to show exactly the numbers and details you want to see.

At the top of your dashboard, click on “Add Widgets”

For instance if you want to see what Opportunities you have Today, or Future, this is easily set up in the dashboard. (NB: This only works once you have your Sales Pipeline set up).

To do this first you need to create a Saved Search.

CRM > Opportunities
Under the search criteria, choose the drop down from Date range, and choose Today.
Save this search and name it:  Opportunities – Today.

Opportunities Today

Dashboard > Add Widgets
Scroll down to Saved Searches.  Add.

You now have the choice of Saved Search.  Use the drop down to choose Opportunity. Then underneath that choose the saved search “Opportunities – Today” from the drop down. Click Save. Then you’ll see on your dashboard the new widget for your saved search of Opportunities Today appear. If it doesn’t look quite right, just refresh using the circle and then you may still need to refresh your whole browser for it to show the details.

Saved Search

Repeat this process if you want to add saved searches for Future and Past Opportunities.

I recommend you do this to keep on top of your sales pipeline.

You can also change the layout of your dashboard to be 2 or 3 columns wide.  Just drag across the widgets you want and they’ll fit into the column nicely.

4. TAGS – how best to use them.

Mouse over the master nav > CRM > Settings

Tags are one of the best features of Infusionsoft. They allow you to segment your list to target specific people interested in specific products. (This differentiates Infusionsoft from many other email marketing software types who don’t have this feature).

If possible breakdown your list by “type” of customer.  For instance if they’ve purchased certain products from you then tag them “product A purchase”  This way when you create your campaign you can target specific types of people who have purchased “product A”.   This explains it in very simple terms, although there is much more to it than that.


Maybe if you are using an Accounts package software that categorises your customers by product it might be a good idea to match them with your tags.

CATEGORY – I would suggest using the following to start with for name your different categories:


Within PROSPECT you could have a number of tags relating to the types of products or services you offer, eg:  New Website Prospect; Social Media Prospect

Within CUSTOMER you could list out your different products (product A, B C etc).

You get the idea…

Tags can then be applied to a contact as required.  They are never cast in stone, and can always change so once you’ve applied it, it’s just as easy to remove it too.

5. Get Your First Campaign Published

This is where the magic happens, where all the dots are connected, but at the same time can seem very daunting.

The whole purpose of the Campaign Builder is for YOU to PUBLISH your CONTENT to your list, whatever that content may be – a blog post, news about a new product launch, a sequence of videos, a webinar that you’re looking at launching or a simple download of a PDF.  All of this can be done using the campaign builder.

I suggest though before you even start to build out your campaign, you are clear with your plan first. You must understand WHAT you want as a result of each campaign – otherwise we could go off on any tangents and you’ll just get frustrated with what comes back.

Now let’s create some movement in your list!

Let’s look at a simple LEAD CAPTURE CAMPAIGN

Mouse over the master nav > Marketing > Campaign Builder

Create a new campaign, and name it (relevant to the campaign, eg: Website Lead Capture).

Drag across a GOAL (web  form integrated with your website) and name it (we’ve named it Free Report). Then drag across a sequence, followed by another goal (link click) followed by a further 3 sequences.

Imagine you want to give away a free PDF download to a prospect who has entered the top of your funnel via a Landing Page or via your website.  Have look below:

Lead Capture

Goals cannot be followed by goals. Goals have to be followed by sequences. So drag across a sequence and rename it. See I’ve renamed it “Deliver Report”. Double click on this sequence and it will give you the option to pull across a Process to Apply a Tag.  This allows you to tag people who enter your campaign (to segment) followed by an EMAIL delivering your Free report, but you must include the link to download, as the next goal is that they click on the Download Report. You can continue to pull across emails broken up with delay timers to remind people to click on the download, but be polite about it, these are just gentle reminders.

Once your happy with the sequence and everything is complete and has turned green, you need to change the status of the campaign from Draft to READY (see below, top right).

Campaign Sequence

Repeat this for all the stages of the campaign, and when everything has turned green, remember to click PUBLISH.  Nothing will happen with this campaign until it is published and live.

So now you have your first LIVE campaign!  Yay great!

So you’re now at the stage where you have:

Imported your List
Branded your Templates
Set out Your Dashboard
Created your TAGS
First Free Download Campaign created

If you haven’t got going yet with Infusionsoft – this is the best start you can give yourself. This will help you familiarise yourself with the software and get you started with engagement with your followers.

As you become more familiar with Infusionsoft you’ll begin to see how everything fits together and how powerful this can be for your business.

And you can start creating more campaigns for different areas of your business:

Attract > Sell > Wow

By simply engaging or re-engaging with your list of contacts could create more business than you’d ever imagined.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you how to create all of this within your application. In the meantime, however, if you get stuck please just drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, if you’d like 3 FREE campaigns to get you started, get them here:

Download 3 campaigns

5 Free (or Cheap) Ways to Show Customers You Care

You can’t afford to give away lavish gifts to show every customer how much you appreciate them. You’re a small business owner, not Oprah.

But you also don’t have to. Even a gesture as simple as a handwritten note or phone call stands out in an increasingly impersonal world. Customer appreciation is less about “You get a car! You get a car!” and more about what your mum always told you: “It’s the thought that counts.”

Besides, customers say that free stuff isn’t the No. 1 way to their hearts, anyway. In a survey from ClickFox, a provider of customer experience analytics, customers named “providing exceptional 24/7 customer service” as the best way for a company to build loyalty with them. (However, free stuff—or “rewarding me for purchases, feedback and referrals”—was No. 2.)

With these ideas—and in some cases, a little help from automation software like Infusionsoft—you can build loyalty with customers without spending much time and money.

1. Remember birthdays

Your friends might not remember your birthday if not for Facebook. So when a company manages to wish you a happy birthday, it makes a good impression.

With automation software, a customer’s birthday is automatically entered into your contact records when you collect it from a source like a web form. You can set up an automated sequence in which the customer receives an email on her birthday (or a couple days before, if you’re sending a coupon to use on the big day).

2. Pick up the phone

Call a customer—not because you were scheduled to and not because you need something, but just to say hello and ask if they need any help.

Automation software can issue a reminder for you to do so when you add check-in calls to an automated sequence, or you can dial customers at random. So rarely do companies call for unselfish reasons that your customer may be confused why you’re calling. The moment will stay with her far longer than the few minutes you spent on the phone.

3. Write an old-fashioned thank-you note

Also on the endangered species list of communication methods: the handwritten thank-you note. Automated processes can help you tackle a stack of cards with consistency and efficiency.

Set up an automated sequence in which the software reminds you to write a note a week after the customer makes a purchase. The software can pull the customer’s address from contact records, so all you need is a pen and paper.

4. Buy a cup of coffee

On numerous occasions, Starbucks has seen hundreds of customers pay it forward by buying coffee for the person behind them in the drive-thru line. Getting a free coffee, even though it’s worth only a few bucks, is a day-making kind of delight.

Do the same for your customers by sending them a £5 gift card to a coffee shop—as part of an automated thank-you (as referenced in tip No. 3) or, like the people in the Starbucks drive-thru, just to be nice.

5. Treat customers like your friends

Customers are loyal to companies, but more powerfully, they’re loyal to people. Remind them that there are actual humans behind your brand by mixing up your business-as-usual communications with more personal emails. On occasion (or even as part of a series of automated emails), send a funny YouTube video, an inspirational article or a picture of your dog—because customers are people, too.


Content courtesy of Infusionsoft